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It is the era of what shows, sells! Search Engine Marketing is the significant digital marketing tool that makes a difference when it comes to results. It is with the help of SEM you can show yourself at the top of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A PPC management company strategies focusing on the budget and the goal that is to be achieved.

iMuons that is a PPC service company in Pune, knows just when a paid campaign is required to boost your business. Our team does a detailed market study to understand the market scenario and then strategizes the course of action. We use the most advanced metric to analyze the market and the competition. This gives us better insight while planning the marketing strategies that will not only draw the traffic but also facilitates traffic conversion.

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Search Engine Marketing Benefits

A little skepticism is allowed but you also need to know that this works and so we have jotted down the benefits for you!

Contributes to Business Goal

SEM helps to achieve a vast number of business and marketing goal.

Measurable and Traceable

With SEM it is very easy to measure and track performance.

Quick Entry

You can beat your competitor even if you are a decade behind.

Incredible Targeting Options

Search Engine Marketing has incredible targeting option to reach your audience.

Cost-Effective Marketing

PPC is one of the most affordable and Cost-effective inbound marketing strategy that helps businesses save money as opposed to outbound strategies.

Quick Support

When you choose iMUONS as your PPC management company partner you gain access to iMUONS support team, which is one of the most professional and responsive teams in the industry.

What is SEM/ PPC ?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM or PPC is typically the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing Ads on the search engines. To start with the PPC (pay per click) ads we usually work on the major search marketing platforms like Google Adwords, Bing ads, Search Ads, etc.

The main objective of SEM or PPC management is to direct the traffic to your website with the motive of converting those visitors into clients. SEM is vital when you want to accelerate the digital marketing results as it is a result driven process.

When SEM is implemented, the sponsored ads appear at the top and on the side of search engine results which gives them more visibility and prominence than the organic search result would usually give.

iMUONS has time and again proven itself to be a successful PPC management company because of its thorough knowledge and effective strategies.

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Get ROI with Our Best PPC Services

We have a set process and we like doing the job in a structured way so that nothing is missed and results are delivered on time.

Business Objective

Developing PPC strategy wrt business, industry, competitor and USPs.

Keyword Research

Keyword research and targeting most relevant keywords those not wasting your spends.

Ad Campaigns, Ad Group & Ad Copy

Creating ad campaign, ad groups and ad copies for tightly focused keywords.

Bid Strategy

Implementing correct bid strategy to minimize spend.

Campaign Management

Ongoing campaign optimization to refine results.

Analytics and Conversion

Tracking right data to analyze performance of campaign & making necessary changes.

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